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  • 03:15:57 pm on March 16, 2009 | 4

    Today’s Tweetin’ Moms

    @TODAYSMOMS joined this crazy world of Twittersville less than three weeks ago. We joined with the hopes of communicating with the mommy community that is already hip to the social networking world and that – until last weekend – was so foreign to us.

    On Saturday, we decided to run a contest around our new book, TODAY’S MOMS. Instead of sharing tips from our book, we asked mommy bloggers and tweeting parents for their best parenting advice. Our goal? Nothing really. We were simply looking to enjoy a Saturday afternoon of fun reading. To our delight what we got was an overwhelming response of beautiful, poignant, warm-hearted, practical, hilarious advice – all incredibly priceless. We were over the moon with excitement and wanted to share a few of the tips:

    TadahMom: When the children are getting louder – start whispering to them.

    StyleAve: Every night ask ur kid 5 good things others did for them that day, and 5 good things they did for others.

    247moms: Create sister time between ur teenage daughters.

    toohottotbling: make sure you show your child you really love them even when they do something terrible.

    multitaskingme: Be willing to apologize to your kids when you’ve messed up…no parent is perfect.

    StyleAve: do the unexpected. Wake them up at midnight for a full moon picnic. They’ll always remember that!

    sdbargainmama: We have our kids rewind and ‘start over’ when communication goes sour…and we do the same, too.

    Pam_Glidden: My favorite tip: Sing 2 yr baby every day. Pick a song & make it baby’s signature tune. It will soothe.

    typeamom: When u see a Mom or Dad being a good parent — even a stranger — tell them! We all need to hear that!

    TheMomCave: Parenting Tip!!Hug!! Hug a LOT. Hug when they are sad, Hug when they are awesome. Hug when they are bad, Hug just because!!!

    sarahstanleyfun food tip/idea: use cabbage leaves for plates! You can throw out when done=GREEN living as well as kids loving it!:)

    designhergal: Actively listen when your child needs to talk. Stop txting, tweeting, etc. Look them in the eye. Be engaged and available.

    Glass_Half_Full: Always whisper something kind &wonderful about them in their ear after they are sleeping.

    tadahmom: Teach your kids early, go to the linoleum (or ceramic tile) to throw up. Much easier than running to the bathroom.

    sherrypardy: Let kids snack on crudite before dinner in order to make sure they get veggies!

    anndouglas: Create a mom support network (both online and in real life). You’ll have support at the ready when u need it most.

    ResourcefulMomI celebrate the day I found out I was pregnant with him. Its a special day just for us!

    RealLifeSarah: Reward picky eaters:let them choose the meal one night of the week-IF they eat what you make the other nights!

    lanaclevermomme: If your child NEEDS a bath at the end of the day then it has been a very good day.

    KeepItClassyJen: When you child draws a picture let them tell you the story behind it!

    Adriennevh: When your mother offers advice, don’t balk automatically, thank her nicely and then actually think about it.

    susieqtpie: Parenting Tip: get a journal & write to your child then let them write back have it as an ongoing tradition

    bellyblossom: Let kids order food at restaurants. This teaches them not to be shy about asking for what they want.

    Elizabeth_N: The toothfairy can bring more then money…when she comes to our house she brings a new toothbrush and toothpaste too.

    dani3boyz: Have at least 1 bday party for your child with “no gifts, please” on the invitation.It teaches them what celebrations are about.

    YoungMommy Give yourself a PAT on the back every day! [Patience, Acceptance and Tolerance] God delivers that & we must, too!

    jerseymomma: If organic is out of your mom budget and you have to start somewhere, go with the organic milk.

    asoutherngirl: My tip? There will be times when it’s perfectly ok to feed them cereal for dinner.

    bonggafinds: I always have several pens and a pad of paper in my purse — that way, when we have to wait in line, my sons are never bored.

    JessicaGottlieb: Not to let other ppl airbrush your kids freckles out Deeper lesson in that one 😉

    momfluential: Parenting Tip: Never leave home without bribes in your bag! We like to use dumdum lollipops. A *little* sugar goes a long way!

    dani3boyz: If you suspect developmental delays, the “wait and see” approach could cost your child valuable time. Get an evaluation ASAP.

    jerseymomma: LOL i love being a mom, i love being home, and i love my work, but it’s all about creating a good balance.

    darkmater: Parenting tip: Skip pjs on school nights and have yr kids go to sleep in “tomorrow’s clothes”.

    bonggafinds: To track time spent on computer / tv / video games, use an egg timer with a very loud ring.

    multitaskingme keep your marriage a priority- best case scenario is happy parents modeling loving relationships 2 the kiddos.



  • Terri Camp 3:44 pm on March 16, 2009 | # | Reply

    Participating in the #todaysmom sharing of tips on Twitter was a blast! I enjoyed reading all the great tips, connecting with other moms on twitter, and particularly enjoyed the discussions that ensued from various tips.

    Thanks for posting a couple of my tips! I share the linoleum tip in my POWER Mom workshop and it always gets a good laugh.

    Terri Camp – aka Ta-Dah! Mom

  • bonggamom 4:13 pm on March 16, 2009 | # | Reply

    Great recap! I really enjoyed coming up with advice tweets, and I enjoyed reading other parents’ advice even more. I also wrote a recap of some of my favorite advice tweets from the #todaysmoms Twitter party:

  • Trisha 1:17 am on March 17, 2009 | # | Reply

    The Twitter party was the place to be..AMAZING parenting tips.

    Can’t wait for the next one..Isn’t it great to know the authors Alicia and Mary Ann are REAL moms like us?

    Trisha Novotny
    24/7 MOMS

  • Barbara Schantz 12:12 pm on April 19, 2009 | # | Reply

    Most importantly, RELAX. Try to relax in every moment as much as possible since each moment is likely not going to happen again, both good and bad.

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