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    3rd Annual Smart Cookie Awards

    Cookie Magazine recently hosted their Smart Cookie Awards, honoring several women who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities and around the world.  Cookie honored mothers like Salma Hayek (UNICEF), Debra Messing (Youth Aids) and Uma Thurman (Room to Grow)…

    Uma Thurman and Debra Messing

    Feelin’ like glamour girls… we were asked to present an award to Salma Hayek, who who was recognized for her involvement with UNICEF’s maternal and neonatal tetanus vaccination campaign.   We feel quite close to this charity, because of our partnership with Pampers and their UNICEF one pack = one vaccine diaper campaign.  (For those of you who don’t know, TODAY’S MOMS and Pampers are focused on getting diapers to families in need via Baby Buggy.)

    Salma wasn’t there to accept her award, so we presented the award to Caryl M. Stern, President of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. We got to read off of “presidential speech” teleprompters (the audience usually sees a clear sheet of glass but the text is in the prompter) but we were too short to see the text, hahahaha.  Next time, we’ll wear taller heels!  Thanks Cookie for a great night.

    With SCA Host / ABC News Correspondent Deborah Roberts

    With Deborah Roberts, SCA Host/ABC News Correspondent

    TGF teleprompter rehearsals...

    TGF teleprompter rehearsals...

    With Caryl M. Stern/UNICEF

    With Caryl M. Stern, UNICEF

    With Chassie Post, Cookie Contributing Editor

    With Chassie Post, Cookie Contributing Editor


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