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    New Year’s Resolutions & Chocolate Chip Cookies

    By Alicia Ybarbo

    Even traveling during the holiday’s can be a good time to network!  While on a family trip to California I decided to meet up with my friend, Kalika Yap.  She is the founder of Citrus Studios, which designs websites for many companies.  She is also a mother of two small children.

    Nancy, Susan, Kalika and Alicia

    As we were sitting in her conference room discussing changes we wanted to make on the Today’s Moms website, two of Kalika’s other female clients walked in. One by one, we each became interested in what the other was there to talk about. Susan Nichols is the founder of Yogitoes (fun yoga mats that are skidless) and Nancy Gale is the owner of Jamah which produces handbags that are carried by celebs like Brad Pitt and Teri Hatcher. There we were, four professional women with four completely different careers, dishing about business over a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies.


    What we were talking about? How to help each other. The tone of the conversation wasn’t to boast or brag.  It was to listen and share. From frustrations and success stories to tips on publicizing were all laid out on the table. I had only just met these women, but it didn’t matter. It was so much fun to learn from them. I left there with a good dose of inspiration and optimism for the new year.

    So my goal for 2010 – alongside getting more exercise, sending more handwritten notes and finding an anti-aging creme that really works – is to try and help more women.  I want to listen to them, learn from them and think of ways which I can help them. We all have such unique qualities to share. What’s yours?


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